Responsible Travel


Responsible Travel Policy

Our company is based on active tourism that supports active way of life. Since we take our guests away from big cities, we promote a healthier life with exercise and fresh air. Basic difference between us and other operators is in the fact that our tours are more intimate nature with small groups (max 8) what often creates a bond between all participants. With intensive care for all of our guests we want to accomplish top experience for everyone. The tours rely on small household accommodations (agrotourism) where we serve indigenous and authentic food and beverages.
Lot of people from our area are involved in our business by doing small jobs for us and we share the income with them. When we use a guide , we use a certified local tourist guide specialized for Dalmatian inland who has all the skills that are needed to show the beauty of our land. In our tour we have several stops at households that sell handmade souvenirs
We encourage the local people to develop their own businesses for we are a small community with very little involvement of big companies. It makes us more connected and gives us opportunity to grow. Also we have encouraged one local family to become an agriculture household. They produce wine, spirits and serve home grown food to their guests. We have noticed big changes since we started to develop our small family business. We would like to emphasise that many of our neighbour became environmentally more conscious and really making sure that Sinj is a pleasant place to stay. We proud ourselves to be very friendly people and don’t mind sharing some of our culture with the world, since we have plenty.
We encourage the local sourcing of food and drinks by taking our guests to eat at family households which serve food that grows in their gardens. They also make the wine and spirits which is given to our guests to enjoy.

Our philosophy is coexistence with nature and our saying “leave it as you found it“ proves it. Since we are surrounded with pure and undisturbed nature , we have learned to appreciate what we have. We carefully choose the places where we have lunch and dinner. Also after the meal we clean the location and leave nothing behind. In our office we gather old newspapers and used paper and we put them in specified containers that gather paper for recycling. Our company uses bicycles as a way of transport as much as possible. We chose cycling because it a better way to explore and experience the nature, beauty and the culture of inner Dalmatia. This way we save energy and the nature from carbon dioxide and other toxic fumes that cars emit. Our area has different types of renewable energy sources. Main source of energy is the Peruća hydroelectric power plant that provides thirty MW of power. On our tour we cycle through the Peruća plant and we visit the Europe’s first hydroelectric power plant on river Krka. Since we have a lot of wind during the year many wind turbines have been built on the surrounding hills which can be seen on the horizon during the tour. In addition, every appliance that we use has an energy saving certificate. Also, we’d like to mention that in our region there are no heavy industries that can pollute either air or waters, which eventually positioned Croatia as fourth country in Europe by the amount of clean water supply.

As host I spend a lot of my time with my guests and therefore I often share information with them considering the economical and political situation in the country. The tour is designed in a way that the guests see and learn about all important sights of the inland. On the tour we get in contact with lots of local communities. The guests are introduced and taught to adapt to local customs and ways of living. This makes the experience more interesting since they can see how our people live from first hand.
We pay visit to one of the most important springs of our area which are exploited to supply some of Croatian islands.

I have worked in catering and tourism my whole life. My family ran a restaurant for many years and after its closure we opened a small motel. After spending few years working with my best friend on horseback trails, I decided to open a tourist agency based on bicycle tours. Instead of taking bigger groups I decided to focus on smaller groups. Smaller groups give me an opportunity to connect better with my guests thus making their experience even better. By connecting and talking more with them I show them more about the country and its values.